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Who am I?

The above is a picture of me and my dance partner (who also happens to be my lovely wife) 'struttin our stuff ' at one of our own 'Saturday Freestyle Dance' nights here in NOTTINGHAM.

YES.... I know I'm no 'Spring Chicken', but hey, who said that at 26 I was too old to 'Shake the roots'.

As said, I am married with four beautiful daughters, none of whom, unfortunately, we can currently interest in modern jive (probably because 'if Mum and Dad' are doing it, it can't be HIP.) Or maybe its just our obsessiveness which frightens them! Never mind, one day maybe. My wife and I first became aware of Modern Jive in May of '97 after watching a TV programme featuring 'Le-Roc' as part of a dance series. About a month or so later we noticed a poster advertising this at a dance venue we were regularly attending, so we joined up and have been hooked ever since and Why not? We can't think of a more enjoyable nor fun way to help keep fit, so unless you've tried it don't knock it, if you haven't, then TRY IT!

A consequence of my passion, and a desire for more, I periodically organise freestyle dances on Saturday nights here in Nottingham, as there are quite a few of you 'Saddo's' out there also! You may see the schedule of Dances under the 'dance dates' link. I Hope to see you there!

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Who am I?
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