Idenity Graphic

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Amir and Kate, 2003.

Amir and Deborah, June 2003.

Victor and Lydia at the Polish Club, May 2003.

Nicki Haslam & Robert at Beeston, May 2003.

Roxanne photos and video.

Christmas dance 2002 at the Fed club.

The Swank Dance at the Millenium Suite, 12th July 2002.

June 2002 dance at the Fed Club.

Cowboys & Indians garden party.

Christmas 2000 Fun Dance at the Fed Club.

Nottingham Ceroc Christmas 2000 Dance.

Salsa with Carlos, August 12th 2000.

The Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Dance- Marcus Garvey 1999.

Costume Dance at Kimberley on Sat. 13th November 1999.

Nigel and Wes's 90th Birthday Bash.

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